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Spend an evening at Vermont's Castle with exclusive tours, food, drinks, music, and mystery. 

Murder Mysteries Live! will not be held in 2014, however they'll be back next year!

Join us October 10,11,17,18,24,25 at the Wilson Castle for the all new Terrorealm Haunted attractions. Relocated from Garden Time Rutland, these massive haunts are sure to frighten the bravest of souls. Open 7-10pm for the haunted tours those nights only. Can't make it at night? We're open 9-5 daily for castle tours with our new spooky twist.

What follows is a description of last years event.

Front view of Wilson CastleMurder Mysteries live! is a combination of Dinner theater, scavenger hunt and reality game. Unlike many Murder Mystery parties, you will not be given a character to play, nor will we ask you to pretend that it is another time period or setting. You can just be yourself or assume an identity that you will play for the entire evening, it is your choice. If this is your first time, you may want to play it straight and get a good feel of the game. Each Mystery will be different, so tell your friends and come back again and again. Murder Mysteries can be created for private parties of 14-30 people, with a minimum of 14 to book a private one. We can taylor parties for any age but generally, we prefer 18 and up.

Cocktail hour is from 6pm until 7pm. You must arrive before 6:30pm with proof of purchase. Tickets must be purchased prior to day of event. Without attendance of 14 or more, the event will be cancelled and any ticket purchase will be refunded. Please confirm prior to arriving during 9 to 5 business hours. You may bring any beverage you prefer, we provide ice and glasses.

Knight window with cluesCocktail hour is a good time to do a little exploring and to get some early information on your competitors. Remember, anything could be a clue, anyone in the castle could be a suspect, so be very alert and don't trust everything you hear. At 7pm, you will be greeted by your Host. You will be given a history of the Castle and the basics of the game. At this time you will be able to ask any questions that you have, but you will only be given so much to go on. Solving the night's Mystery will take some keen detective work, imagination, memory and maybe even some deception to throw off your competition. Greed and dishonesty is fair game. Scenarios, participants and rewards can and will change at any time.

After your historic tour of the Castle, everyone will gather for drinks, hors d'oeuvres and the Mystery information for you to proceed. We offer a diverse selection of foods to suit any diet and offer complimentary water, iced tea, glasses and ice for any beverage you prefer to bring. We do not serve alcohol, but you may bring and enjoy it as you wish. Our self serve menu varies each week and might include items such as boneless chicken, meatballs, salads, cheese & crackers, sandwiches and fruits and vegetables. This is not a sit down dinner. During this time, be social, get names, and be alert because schemes may already be taking place, and you, yes you, may even get accused of Murder, cold blooded, MURDER!

After intermission, you will be given exclusive rights to search this mysterious mansion and the secrets that it houses. Pay attention and watch other's reactions. You are permitted to "gently Search" in unlocked closets, drawers and rooms during the next phase of your Evening. At some point, you will be asked for your first impressions and deductions. If you are getting close, we will step the game up a notch or send you back hunting for clues. At the end, you will submit what you think is the solution to the night's mystery and all facts we be revealed.

Be inquisitive, creative and mysterious. It is likely that one of you is the culprit or at least a co-conspirator. Your participation is a major part of the night, so let a little extra out, and we will too. Join us for the Castle After Dark from June until October on select dates or book your own private Mystery evening, for a birthday, anniversary, or company party with 14 or more. The cost is $35 a person, 18+ only and please semi-formal to formal or period costume is preferred. No shorts or sandals. You may want to bring a flashlight, camera and notepad. Most Mysteries end around 10:30PM. Cell phone should be shut off from 7pm until completion.

Scheduled dates were Sept. 14th & 28th and Oct. 12th.


Halloween at Wilson Castle

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Wilson Castle
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